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How do I get involved?

Join this page here on MyMBS, and our Slack channel (#club_debate) to stay updated of all the upcoming training and event schedules.

What does the Debate club do?

We regularly invite champion debaters from MUDS (Melbourne University Debating Society), and from our own school, to train us. We usually start with a brief presentation from a senior debater/trainer on the art and science of debating, and then we start social debates, focused on diverse topics. The teams are mostly dynamic and are formed on the day. If you don't know anyone at the debate club, we will help you find some teammates to practice with.

Do I need to be an experienced debater to join?


We use our training times to cultivate the culture of collaboration among our fellow students, through putting them in teams, and making them brainstorm with, and against each other. The decorum is mostly informal and quite a few of our members have little to no prior debating experience. With the help from some amazing senior debaters at MBS, we cater to every ability level.


When should I join?

Do not stress about which time is the right time to join the MBS Debating Society. Our goal is broader than just debating training. We are here to help our fellow MBS students learn from each other's experiences. We encourage you to join the club at your convenience and assure you that we will do whatever it takes to up skill you. All we ask you to commit to is consistent practice.