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This web page is designed to provide you with information regarding opportunities such as case competitions, seminars or forums.

Case Competitions
Opportunities listed under the ‘MBS Case Competitions’ tab are managed and supported by Melbourne Business School (MBS).  MBS will ensure, where possible, these case competitions do not clash with student’s studies.

External Global Opportunities
Opportunities listed under the ‘External Global Opportunities’ tab are not run by MBS.  Students interested in participating in these opportunities are responsible for managing their own contribution, including any financial investment required. 

Although MBS does not manage all opportunities listed, we do support students undertaking extracurricular activities and would like to be kept informed of your progress. 
Please remember to reference the information provided on each page and contact the organiser directly if you require additional information.

It is important that students ensure that any opportunity undertaken does not clash with their classes or exams, nor does it impact their studies.