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Dear members of Western Australian Alumni Chapter,

We would like to welcome you and to share our new vision on Chapter development! 
Given the unique economic landscape of WA, largely embodied by mining, oil & gas, engineering and construction services, agriculture and other related industries, we feel strongly that we need to build an Alumni organisation in WA that leverages our industrial expertise and brings business leaders of WA into our network for the promotion of the MBS and its graduates.

We are excited to share a new vision that would enable us to build stronger and more interconnected Alumni Community.

1. Continuous Education & Focused Networking
We will arrange events with the key industry speakers with a focus on West Australian industries (resources, engineering, agriculture, oil & gas, and the related supply industries). We also intend to approach the entrepreneurs in other sectors that we feel would be of benefit to the education of our Alumni community. We aim to do this through a variety of monthly events (breakfasts, dinners and social events).

2. MBS Promotion Activities
We will promote, support and engage with MBS and key WA organisations in its recruitment events and educational seminars in Western Australia.

3. Mentorship Programs
We will leverage our extensive combined WA network and experience to provide mentoring to all of our WA alumni that require the service (incl. speechwriting programs, peer evaluations, jobhunting training etc).

4. Charity and Scholarships
Through promotional MBS events we could aim to raise funds through formal and informal events, personal relationships with large corporates and influential individuals to establish scholarships or a targeted fund for West Australian MBS MBA students and give charitable donations to causes agreed on by the Chapter Committee. We strongly believe that it will provide great benefit to WA MBS students, the wider WA community and add value to the MBS brand.

5. Improved Communication
Through the newly created web-site we will provide the regular updates to the WA based MBS alumni about the events in Perth, job opportunities, along with the individual profiles of the members.

6. Entrepreneurship and Industry Specific Forum
WA has specific industries unique and dominant in Western Australia. We would provide forums for WA Entrepreneurship and industry specific groups to leverage support, information, influence and promotion of MBS and its courses.

We would like to thank you for your continuous support!

WA Alumni Chapter Committee