Your Alumni Reunion Program

Our 2018 program provides unparalleled access to a range of professional development sessions, workshops
and thought leadership discussions, hosted by renowned alumni and esteemed faculty members.


The Career Management Centre will be open throughout the Alumni Reunion weekend and will offer opportunities for a one stop space for your career management needs. Whether you want to speak to a career coach, peruse our professional career resources or get a new professional head-shot taken for your LinkedIn profile, the centre will be the place to visit during the weekend. To book an appointment with the Career Management Centre, please email:






Leading Mindfully

Drawing on her book Leading Mindfully (2016), Amanda shares stories about introducing mindful practices to diverse groups of leaders. Discover how even tiny shifts in our thinking can make us effective and happier in leadership. As a widely published author, Amanda is a pioneer in diversity, women in leadership and mindfulness. She teaches Leadership and Change on the MBA program.

Amanda Sinclair – Professorial FelloW


'The Mentor List' Podcast interview with Adam Trippe-Smith (SEMBA 2010)

Leading podcasting expert David Lewis, lives and breathes business. Through The Mentor List, he endeavours to create a deeply connected business community. Join him as he interviews Adam Trippe-Smith (SEMBA 2010), Founder & Managing Director of Kegstar.

david lewis (mba 2014) & Adam Trippe-smith (SEMBA 2010)


Leading for Change

Join Aviva as she explores why people resist change and provides strategies to deal with uncertainty. Discover a simple method to communicate with stakeholders about change and how to break down resistance. Qualified in law, mediation and executive coaching, Aviva is an authority on unlocking leadership capability, and consults on our Executive Education programs.

AVIVA BERZON - Program Director, general management program


Lunch, networking and campus walking tour

Meet at reception at 1pm to join the campus walking tour.


Strategy in Action

Gain the frameworks for optimising strategy as Geoff explores topical strategic issues, including refining strategy for political and community considerations, socialising strategy within your firm and predicting or planning for disruption. Specialising in strategic decision making and corporate risk taking, Geoff teaches Business Strategy, Corporate Strategy and Social Entrepreneurs for our MBA.



Business Ethics, Personal Ethics

Businesses expect ethical behaviour from their leaders. Yet the margins of such expectations are far from clear. For a sharper picture, join Andrew, who teaches on our MBA programs, as he draws the distinction between business and personal ethics inside and outside organisations. His research includes macroeconomics, corporate social responsibility and ethics, and language and business.



Brand Plausibility: The Holy Grail of differentiation

Brands must differentiate to be successful, but can a brand be so different that consumers think it’s implausible? Ujwal Kayande discusses the psychological explanation for why brand differentiation is often unsuccessful, and Ken Roberts will present examples of how his ‘Brand Plausibility’ product has helped clients in Australia and the USA to successfully differentiate.

Ujwal Kayande – Professor and Director of the Centre for Business Analytics and Ken Roberts (MBA 1991) Founder and CEO of Forethought Research


Fostering Intrapreneurs: How Australian Corporates are Innovating through the Lean Startup Method

While "innovation" is an over-exploited buzz word in today's world, it’s a way of life for many of Australia's largest organisations. Join us for a thought-provoking discussion with leaders who have led their companies in everyday innovation: from the lessons learnt to the wins along the way, and discover how organisations are embracing the Lean Startup Method to create an entrepreneurial culture in large companies.

Kwanghui Lim – Associate Director of Strategic Management

julia lu (MBA 2013)

ALP BASOl - CTO GLobal products, telstra

dougal edwards - ceo bright arena

fiona wynn - Head of Culture, Inclusion and Innovation, Australia Post

gerry walsh - Head of Innovation Incubation, NAB Labs


Afternoon Tea


Looking to the Future: Introducing Ian Harper, the Sixth Dean of Melbourne Business School

Join Reserve Bank Board member and Dean-elect Professor Ian Harper as he speaks about the future of business education, his experience and history with the School and his vision for the future.

Professor IAN Harper - Dean-elect, MBS


Chinese New Year Cocktail Reception

Celebrate Chinese New Year in style over cocktails and a selection of appetisers as you network with fellow alumni and our esteemed faculty. Enjoy conversations you can't find anywhere else on a night to remember.




Mergers and the balance of power in your industry

Discover the economics of mergers as Catherine De Fontenay discusses how a merger between two competitors affects profits and the likelihood of entry into the industry, and how a merger between a key supplier and a competitor affects prices, market share and profits. Catherine teaches Managerial Economics and Global Business Economics on the MBA and Executive MBA programs.



Leadership in the Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley is home to Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook and Apple – all phenomenally successful. What’s the secret to their enduring value, culture and different mindset? Find out as Hugh shares his story of life in Silicon Valley as a former senior Microsoft leader and Vice President at Google, Pivotal, eBay and Tinder. Hugh teaches on our MBusA and MBA programs.



Morning Tea


Authentic leadership - Handle with care!

Leaders ‘true to themselves’ can be ‘authentic jerks’. They limit organisational agility and lose out on their own development because they can’t interact in an open and non-defensive way. Discover how to be an effective authentic leader with Carol, who delivers on our Executive Education and MBA programs.

Carol gill - Associate professor of organisation behaviour


Boards - Managing the complexities

How do you become a credible candidate for board roles? Which credentials are the most important? Are the people at the top looking for experts or someone wearing a halo? Hear answers to these and other board role questions from MBS Deputy Chairman and non executive director Frank Zipfinger and a team of panellists as they discuss the complexities of organisational politics, strategy and recruitment techniques behind boards.

Frank Zipfinger (SEMBA 2003) – MBS Deputy Chairman and non-executive director – and panel of esteemed guestS


Sports Analytics

Sport is no different to other industries where data and analytics are critical to optimal decision-making. Whether it be on the marketing or the performance side of sport, leaders are using analytics to drive decisions clearly and objectively. Learn the best way to data-driven decision-making with Mark and an expert panel including representatives from the AFL, Tennis Australia, Wallabies, and Netball Australia.

Mark Alexander – Centre for Business Analytics Executive Director – and analytics experts panel.

in collaboration with the MBS alumni sports chapter


Lunch, networking and campus walking tour

Meet at reception at 12.30pm to join the campus walking tour.


Being Trusted – The most elusive of competitive advantages

Trust has become a competitive battle ground for firms and a focus of attention for the wider business community. What drives trust in customer-firm relationships? How is trust (mis)managed? Find out as Don, a leading business services and company performance expert, examines the importance, multidimensionality and situational nature of trust in customer-firm relationships.

Don o'sullivan - associate professor of marketing


Beyond the Hype - Do Al, Big Data and Algorithms make our life better or worse?

Artificial Intelligence promises better business outcomes, but how can we trust it when we don’t know what it means? Go beyond the hype as Nico unpacks why algorithms, automation and the data economy will not terminate all our jobs – and why AI may even become our friend when applied responsibly. Nico teaches analytics-focused marketing, automation and technology management.



The Role of Executive Intuition in Decision Making

The ability of leaders to make quick and confident decisions makes them stand out. But leaders can also be quickly and confidently wrong. Intuition is a bad teacher. However, it turns out that intuition is also critical to leading well. Join Dean Zeger Degraeve as he explores the effective use of executive intuition in decision-making.

zeger degraeve - dean, mbs


Closing drinks

6.00pm onwards

Milestone Class Celebrations

Our 5-yearly milestone reunion classes will be celebrating with the School. Please visit the class celebrations page for more information on the celebrations planned.

classes of 1968, 1973, 1978, 1983, 1988, 1993, 1998, 2003, 2008, 2013

* The Alumni Reunion program is subject to change from time to time. Please check this webpage regularly or email for the latest developments.
Please note: We will operate a first come, first served system on the day for each of the sessions, so please arrive promptly to avoid disappointment.